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The Myriad Difference

The Myriad Difference

We ensure a complete understanding of our client's industry, business practices, culture and philosophy, yielding a precise definition of the candidate profile. Once an assignment is accepted, a 'search strategy' is developed. We go beyond computerized files; we conduct a thorough search of the market place. We work on the premise that the best candidate for the position is not looking.

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Search Strategy:


Since its inception, Myriad International's reputation has rested on its thorough research capability; the inter-office teamwork brought into each and every assignment, and the speed with which it completes assignments.

1. Develop an Understanding of Your Organization

Our goal is to understand you and your business so well that we really work as an integral part of it.  Such steps as reviewing your business plans, reading product literature, and 'walking the floor' help to sharpen our focus of the search.

2. Define the Position

A complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the open position must precede a successful search.  This goes beyond what is written in pro-forma job descriptions to identify and give priority to the major expectations held by you and your organization.

To achieve this understanding, we arrange for intensive discussions with client management and other key individuals you may wish to designate.  In consultation with you, we then develop the qualifications of the individual desired.  Only after these are agreed upon do we begin the search.  We have found that the investment of this time and effort at the start of our search activity to ensure that the best possible candidates who meet an organization's very specific needs at a given time in its development, are recommended.

In most searches, this process also gives us full view of personality and style of the organization and the individuals with whom the successful candidate will interface.  We do know that the match of personality and stature of the individual to the company is an extremely significant factor in that person's success.

3. Research

Our Research Associates then conduct a thorough study to identify those individuals who are contributing to the success of target organizations in the same and related industries to your own.  This is accomplished through:


Matching MYRIAD International's corporate data bank, which contains career histories of highly regarded executives.


Reviewing the materials gathered from earlier searches that in any way related to the assignment.


Drawing on past experience, contacts and knowledge within the entire international network.


Investigating successful trade associations in each designated industry segment to identify those individuals who have a track record of successful contribution.


In-depth sourcing of target institutions/companies including organizational charts of competitive companies.


Any in-house candidates and others you may target or suggest will also be screened and compared.

4. Candidate Contact

Resumes never fully describe what you want to know most about an individual you wish to consider for a position.  During the course of a typical search, we speak to between 150 and 200 individuals by telephone.  In addition, because force of personality and personal presence are major factors in the selection process of highly visible executive post, in-depth personal interviews are conducted with the most qualified prospects. 

5 .Client Contact and Presentation

It is our practice to submit regular reports according to a pre-agreed schedule describing the progress of the search and those candidates that appear to be promising prospects.  In addition, we meet as frequently as possible with the client to discuss our activity in detail.  After initial interviews are conducted, detailed interview assessments of our impressions of each candidate will be provided. 

Our activities are thoroughly documented throughout the search.  As a result, we will be prepared to serve your organization on future searches with minimum orientation required using the numerous contacts and sources developed throughout your industry.  Thus, we look forward upon an initial search with a client as the beginning of a long professional relationship.


The client plays a very important role in the recruitment process.  MYRIAD International Consultants are not a substitute for the client organization.  While we identify and recommend qualified candidates, it is the client who must make the decision as to which candidate to hire.  There are several activities, which the client should undertake to ensure that the best candidates are selected.  These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Clearly informing us about matters relevant to the assignment that you wish to be kept confidential (salary, personnel issues, and any other privileged information);

  • Informing us immediately of any significant developments that alter the nature of the assignment;

  • Providing feedback to MYRIAD International in a timely manner regarding the information and recommendations provided by us;

  • Making prompt decisions and following up quickly with interviews of the most promising candidates; and,

  • Providing candidates with the information that will enable them to make wise career decisions. 

In doing the above, your organization maximizes the likelihood of mutual success.  It is in both our best interests to complete the assignment as expeditiously as possible, however, it is not always possible, given the unpredictable nature of the search process and many variables, to specify a time frame.  MYRIAD International are committed professionals who deliver top quality candidates in the shortest possible time.


The candidate search is initiated once approval of the selection criteria has been received from your organization.  Research then completes a source list of information on potential candidates and possible industry sources including name, title, organization, location and any other pertinent data available.  In some instances this initial list of information is presented to the client for comments regarding additions, deletions or elimination of specific data. 

At this point, all identified potential candidates are contacted and any interested individuals will be profiled to compile current market data that would be of interest to your organization, particularly during the search process.

A full detailed resume would then be requested on all appropriate candidates.  Further, all industry contacts would be utilized to narrow down the list of potential candidates. 

In addition, we conduct in-depth personal interviews usually lasting between 1-2 hours, with the most qualified prospects.  It is our practice to submit regular reports according to a pre-arranged schedule describing the progress of our search and those candidates that appear to be promising. 

Preparation is critical to a successful interview.  In particular, you should have detailed knowledge of the content of the position for which the candidate is being considered.  The bottom line is to have a 'Game Plan' for each interview.  In every search conducted by MYRIAD International, we evaluate those whom we interview on five traits of critical process.  These include, but are not limited to:


  • problem analysis
  • judgement


  • dialogue skills
  • listening skills
  • presentation skills


  • initiative
  • reaction to pressure
  • commitment to excellence
  • orientation toward achievement


  • leadership
  • sensitivity
  • impact


  • planning and organization
  • delegation

After initial interviews are conducted, detailed interview assessments of our impressions of each candidate will be provided.  Our activities are thoroughly documented throughout the search.  Part of the documentation we can provide is a Hiring Grid to enable your organization to effectively evaluate candidate attributes and key result areas.

MYRIAD International will continue to inform all candidates of their status during the search process.  At the conclusion of our activity, all candidates whose applications will not be given further consideration will be informed in writing.  Verbal debriefings will be undertaken as required.


A minimum of three confidential reference checks will be conducted to evaluate technical, communication (both written and oral), interpersonal and leadership qualities; specific achievements as they relate to the new objectives, and; areas of both strength and weakness.  We speak with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate each candidate's performance on the job.  The combination of these appraisals with our own evaluations provides us with a frank and objective profile of each candidate.



Selecting a Search Firm:

It cannot be emphasized enough that in selecting a search firm the background of the Executive Search Consultant handling the project is extremely important. The client must ask the right questions in order to make an educated judgment in selecting a Search Firm. Some of these are:

1. What is the experience and maturity of the Consultant who will actually handle the assignment?
2. Does the Consultant have the ‘User’ perspective, by virtue, for instance, of having been in a corporate or executive role in the past?
3. Are there companies that are ‘off limits’ to a Search firm, as it will not ‘poach’ from a client organization?
4. How much time will the Search firm need to complete an assignment?


Recently Completed Searches:

  • President & CEO, Public Company, manufacturing medical devices

  • CFOs, Public companies

  • VP Manufacturing, medical devices

  • VP Technical, Alternative Fuels, chemical technology

  • Director, Communications, global agency

  • Executive VP/COO for a large international conglomerate

  • Engineering Manager, Projects, Canada for a Global Engineering Services Corporation

  • Finance and Engineering Executives for a Multinational Manufacturing Corporation

  • General Manager, sales and Marketing for a large international conglomerate

  • Several Creative and Account Directors for International Advertising Firms

  • VP Business Development for a Toronto based, technology firm

  • Project Director, Canada for a U.S. based technology firm

  • Several senior level expatriate executives for global corporations

  • CEOs and Directors at Not for Profit organizations.

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