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Company Profile

Company Profile

Myriad International Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, provides the finest in Executive & Professional Search and Organizational Development. We provide comprehensive solutions for our client’s Human Capital growth.

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Executive & Professional Search

Ours is an all-inclusive, comprehensive, custom designed approach to every assignment. We thoroughly evaluate the scope of each project including the client's culture and philosophy. Our achievements in consistently delivering results to our clients are directly attributable to the in-depth research. We have successfully completed searches in a wide variety of market sectors. Our research techniques, honed and refined to perfection over time, have proven so effective that we place candidates in any field.

A significant number of our Searches are for International Positions, where cross cultural compatibility is an important aspect. We have an exceptionally strong track record in finding candidates for filling overseas positions for Multinational Corporations. Our candidate assessment and selection is based on team effort. The team consists of three players: Client, Candidate and Myriad. We strive to intertwine corporate needs with the candidate's career goals and to match personal attributes with the culture of the company. The 'fit' is perfect when both are a part of the equation. 'Fit' is the right blend of applied abilities and chemistry in an individual that is compatible with a set of predefined corporate needs and aspirations.


Organizational Development:

"The greatest asset of an organization is, without a doubt, its people. The one great
challenge for all organizations is to acquire, train and retain a skilled workforce.
A well trained workforce provides a critical competitive edge to organizations."

An effective organizational development strategy starting with leadership, must encompass all levels. Leading edge organizations have this as an important component of their business plans. 'Human Capital Growth' is on every Board and CEO's priority agenda.

We help organizations establish strategies to address future Governance and Leadership paradigms and to develop actionable plans at all levels.

Some of the questions that must be asked are:


1. Does the current organization structure enhance or inhibit the accomplishment of corporate goals?
2. Are there overlapping responsibilities?
3. Is the 'matrix' effective?
4. Do job responsibilities need to be re-defined?
5. Is there a need to add or eliminate positions?
6. Are individual skill-sets/profiles matched to the positions?
7. Is there a need to design and implement 'in-house' and/ or 'external' training programs?
8. Are communication channels clear and cohesive?
9. Is the organization nimble and flexible enough to face the ever-changing competitive and market environment?

Organizations need to profile the kind of Leadership that will be required to address the challenges of future strategic direction. This will be an important step in determining your recruitment needs as well developing plans for professional development, and for executive mentoring and coaching. Ravi Vijh, who has a Senior Level corporate background, brings a refreshing new approach and unambiguous objectivity in helping CEOs address these and other related questions. With his hands on approach, Ravi helps companies prepare actionable plans.

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