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Management Team

Management Team

Our team consists of Functional Experts, Corporate Executives and former CEOs whose wealth of experience and wisdom is an invaluable asset.

> Ravi Vijh, Principal & CEO

Ravi Vijh, Principal & CEO

Ravi Vijh

Prior to joining Search Practice in the early nineties and founding Myriad International, Ravi was President/CEO of major subsidiaries of American and European multinationals. He worked for McKesson, Brooke Bond (Unilever), Ford Motor and C.C. Friesland International. His functional experience encompasses organizational development, international sales and marketing, manufacturing and operations, quality systems, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions. He has lived and worked on four continents.

Ravi received a post-graduate Honours Degree in Engineering from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He had exceptional scholastic achievements, gaining two University Degrees whilst still in his teens. Professional designations include:P.Eng., C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E. (U.K.), and Eur. Eng.

For several years, Ravi was a member of the visiting Faculty at the World Trade Institute, New York. Managers and Executives from over 100 companies have attended Ravi's lectures and seminars; this provides him with a very large network of high quality individuals. A Consultant on multiple aspects of global business, Ravi was adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto and Consultant at York University.

Ravi is active in community matters and has volunteered with organizations such as Rotary, Cheshire Homes and Canadian Helen Keller Centre for The Deaf and Blind, The March of Dimes, and The Toronto Board of Trade. He has served on several Boards as Chair.

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